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Training and Testing: Click on "Click Here to Login for Training" link above and enter the Username and Password provided to you by your camp organization.

Mission: To help ensure that camps provide a safe environment for our children and youth so they are protected from criminals, sex offenders and exposure to abuse or molestation.

Compliance with Texas Safe Camps Act: Effective June 1, 2006, all Texas camps will need to ensure that all their staff and volunteers have undergone a criminal and sex offender background check and have taken a certified training and testing program on child abuse and molestation awareness. The Safe Camps Project has been approved by the Texas Department of State Health Services to provide the state-required training, testing, and certification. To sign up, click on Sales Support above for information.

Description: The Safe Camps Project is a user-friendly, internet-based training, testing, and certification program designed to provide state-approved training and certification for camp staff and volunteers in the area of child abuse and molestation awareness. In addition, the Safe Camps Project provides a criminal and sex-offender background check on camp staff and volunteers and provides guidelines to help prevent the potential for abuse or molestation of children in camp settings.

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